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At EMS Fit Chiswick experience not just a workout, but a transformation that brings tremendous value to your overall well-being. 


1 session every week

Monthly rolling membership to deliver consistent outstanding results.



2 sessions every week

Monthly rolling membership to deliver outstanding results faster.



12 sessions in total
Pre-paid flexible membership.




All the above plans include 1-on-1 personal training with a specifically EMS-trained fitness professional.

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EMS training testimonials

Libby Donovan


What I love most about EMS Training is the efficiency. As a busy working mum of two and a carer for my mother, who has dementia, I couldn’t afford to spend hours in the gym. A 20-minute EMS session a week suits me perfectly. It’s incredible how much EMS compliments other forms of exercise.

As my strength has improved with EMS, I’ve found my yoga practice has got better too. I’ve always struggled to build upper body strength, but EMS has helped me tone those muscles, which allows me to hold yoga poses I could never maintain before.”

Ben Tomkins


I couldn’t believe how quickly I felt physically stronger; it felt amazing when I could run again, and it was 100% down to EMS building my endurance back up. Just four months after my accident I felt nearly back to full strength again, it was incredible.

Before my accident, my training was purely endurance based. I never went to the gym as I’ve didn’t enjoy conventional strength training or the gym environment, meaning I was struggling to push through that strength barrier. With EMS training, I’ve discovered a way of building lower body strength that I actually enjoy. 

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